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Fantastic Adventures Dies Machelle Hackney

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Fantastic Adventures Dies Machelle Hackney
Fantastic Adventures Dies Machelle Hackney

Video: Fantastic Adventures Dies Machelle Hackney

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Video: 'YouTube mom' Machelle Hobson dies in Scottsdale 2023, January

Machelle Hobson, the mother of the influential children of the YouTube channel Fantastic Adventures, who was accused of torturing and mistreating them, has died. This was confirmed on Tuesday by Ricardo Alvarado, a spokesman for the Maricopa police in Arizona.

Hobson had said YouTube channel with his seven adopted children and was very popular, reaching more than 250 million video views with his adventures that carried titles like "Escape the babysitter!" o "The lava SOILS" and where the children fought with laser swords, stole cookies and made other pranks.

However behind his innocent face said videos, which were carried out by five of his minor children of the woman, hid a macabre side: according to more than 30 charges against him, Hobson kidnapped, tortured and abused the minors in his home from Pinal County that has been classified as a "den of abuse."

The woman was arrested in late March when a search of her home by social workers revealed the dire circumstances in which the woman was supporting the children. The woman was reported by her own biological daughter, who gave the police clues about the abuse.

According to a police report, when the police arrived at Hobson's home the children looked malnourished and scared, so much so that even when they were offered french fries they rejected them for fear that their mother “detected the smell” of the food in their mouth, as said. "[These children] have been hit with a clothespin, or a brush, or have been sprayed with pepper spray from head to toe," the report said.

According to the children's testimonies, their adoptive mother kept them without food or water for days. One of them sprayed pepper spray on her vagina, leaving pains that lasted for a long time. The woman also forced them to take cold water baths and locked them in a closet to punish them.

Machelle Hobson
Machelle Hobson

The videos on the “Fantastic Adventures” channel were extremely popular, but they hid a dark side:

Logan and Ryan Hobson, the woman's older children, were also detained. The three were subsequently released, Hobson on bail.

One of her two detained children invoked her right to remain silent. However, her brother Logan confirmed that the woman had locked up the children and confirmed the horrible punishments and torture he imposed on the minors. Since then, the children have been placed at the disposal of the authorities and subsequently assigned to foster homes.

Hobson's cause of death has not been disclosed yet. The woman expected to be prosecuted.

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