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Mexicans Stabbed Jordan
Mexicans Stabbed Jordan

Video: Mexicans Stabbed Jordan

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Video: Jordan Attack: 8 Stabbed at Popular Tourist Site in Jerash 2023, February

Eight tourists were brutally attacked by a masked subject who stabbed them outside an archaeological site in Jordan. Three of these tourists were of Mexican origin.

The incident occurred at noon on Wednesday just outside the ruins of Jerash, a popular archaeological site in the Middle Eastern country, according to multiple sources.

A security guard and a bus driver were also wounded, the first of them trying to contain the attack on the subject who was armed with a knife. According to the local newspaper Al-Rai, the uniformed man was stabbed three times and had to undergo surgery.

Marco Junípero Serra, a man who claims to have witnessed the attack, stated that the attacker was dressed in "military-style clothing and had his head covered."

This video captured the moment of the incident in broad daylight and before the gaze of dozens of tourists who were walking. WARNING: images and audio are extremely violent in nature, not suitable for all audiences

The wounded, some of them seriously, were rushed to a hospital in Amman, the country's capital, according to spokesmen for the Jordanian Public Security Directorate.

Police identified the suspect in the attack as Mohammad Abu Touaima, a 22-year-old man who lived in a makeshift shack near a Palestinian camp on the outskirts of the city.

"It almost gave me a heart attack," said Mahmoud Abu Touaima, 56, and father of the suspect, speaking to Reuters. “My son was a loser and his mind was crooked but he was scared to death of a chick. This leaves me in shock."

Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, confirmed on Twitter that three citizens of his country had been injured in the attack and that they would be given all the "necessary support" through the Mexican Embassy in Jordan.

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