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The Jewelry Of The Famous Mexicans

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The Jewelry Of The Famous Mexicans
The Jewelry Of The Famous Mexicans

Video: The Jewelry Of The Famous Mexicans

Video: The Jewelry Of The Famous Mexicans
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The magical, the mystical and the supernatural inspire the jewelry designer Laura Cantú, who has managed to place herself among the favorites of artists and singers such as Maluma, Alejandro Fernández, Mijares, Juanes or Erik Rubín. We spoke with the Monterrey artist about the keys to her unique brand.

What inspires you to create these collections?

In Mexico, the whole subject of legends, symbolism is very characteristic … [and] I am passionate about this whole subject. Everything that has a mysterious story behind I love.

Tell us about your latest collection, what story do you want to tell?

The main material of this collection is brass, which is what gives a vintage look to the pieces and we also put a lot of quartz, [which has to do] with energy and good vibes, coins, skulls, which are a representation of life. [Also] All the pieces in the collection are designed so that you can put them in different ways. That with two or three pieces from the collection you can put together many different looks.

How has your work been with celebrities?

The men's line [of my brand] is called Santo Saint and we have worked with artists like Maluma, for whom we have made several bracelets, designs [made to measure] for him. We have worked with Juanes too, we made him a long leather bracelet with onyx stones. We also made a very special piece for Mijares, Erik Rubín, the boys from Timbiriche, Alicia Villarreal, we designed all the accessories for the tour he is on right now.

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