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Lucy Chaparro: Tips For Your Children To Learn To Be Independent

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Lucy Chaparro: Tips For Your Children To Learn To Be Independent
Lucy Chaparro: Tips For Your Children To Learn To Be Independent

Video: Lucy Chaparro: Tips For Your Children To Learn To Be Independent

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Video: 5 TIPS to Encourage Independent Kids/How to Raise Independent Children 2023, February

Today we have the pleasure of chatting with one of our favorite super moms Lucy Chaparro. Actor Omar Chaparro's wife is always involved in a thousand charitable causes and has a sense of social good that captivates you.

Expert in self-help and education issues, she is one of the strongest voices in the Latin world against human trafficking and child exploitation and mistreatment.

Mom of three teenagers, Andrea, Emiliano and Natalia, one of her favorite subjects when educating at home is to make her children strong and independent so they can enjoy a better future. We asked him for his tips to help children learn to be independent from home and this is what he answered:

1 Establish a daily routine

“In order to be able to face the roles of life as adults, it is necessary for them to be responsible with their roles from children at home. We must teach them to keep their things in good condition, take care of their personal hygiene, make good use of money, prepare food, do laundry, do some shopping, use public transport and, in due time, the car. These small tasks will forge him as a human being capable of taking care of himself in the future”.

2 Teach them to accept pain as part of life

“It is a mistake to try to avoid at all costs the suffering of children by intervening when they face the consequences of their actions. Life itself is the best teacher. Experimenting it is understood at an early age that the way of doing things in this or that way has consequences. Making mistakes is how we learn and is part of life¨.

2 Help them solve problems

“Helping children means giving your support and teaching them. Being with them in their mistakes and guiding them in the different options to resolve their conflict is a good way to help them decide without imposing."

3 Learn to be happy with what you have

“Being grateful and teaching your children to see the half full glass is a teaching that will serve them for a lifetime. If from childhood they are able to be so happy enjoying from playing at home with a cardboard box to getting excited about a visit to Disney, as an adult they will be a person who will not be aware of the happiness of others wishing for what they have and he lacks"

“The process of maturity has in independence a fundamental part for the happiness of any human being. We are often afraid to help them leave the house for fear of external risks, but this way of seeing life makes it impossible for them to defend themselves. As they grow up, it is the children themselves who claim their own space and from one moment to the next, almost without realizing it, they are already outside, being men and women capable of taking charge of their lives”.

Very interesting! Thank you very much, Lucy! From People En Español we send you a hug for the whole family.

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