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Actress Ana Serradilla Marries

Actress Ana Serradilla Marries
Actress Ana Serradilla Marries

Video: Actress Ana Serradilla Marries

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Video: Ana Serradilla se enamoró de actor y abandona a su esposo. 2023, February

Well, we already have another wedding for 2020. Ana Serradilla has just confirmed that she is married to her boyfriend Raúl Martínez Ostos. Happy and smiling, she shared the good news of her engagement with the media and, unsurprisingly, enthusiastically boasted her ring.

"Yes, it is true," she answered when questioned about it. Her lover gave her the ring a few days ago but she also did not want to give more detail than requested.

What he did want to express was their state of absolute happiness for their relationship and for the future that awaits them together. "I am happy, happy as never in my life," she confessed with a love smile.

At the moment the protagonist of Doña Flor and her two husbands and La Viuda Negra has not wanted to tell more about the link because as she herself says "we are still tuning all those things".

Yes, he announced that it will be something "completely private". The 41-year-old actress prefers to carry it all intimately since her partner does not belong to this world. His is finance and that is why he prefers to keep him out of the spotlight and the magazines.

“He does not do this and understands himself. I respect him very much,”he told the media, who asked him why he didn't pose with him on this red carpet. His fiancé was but in the shade.

Their relationship caused special curiosity since Raúl was married for 16 years to another actress, Martha Cristiana, Ana's co-worker on some occasions but in no case a friend, as she herself revealed. Congratulations!

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