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Politician In Mexico Marries His Son's Widow

Politician In Mexico Marries His Son's Widow
Politician In Mexico Marries His Son's Widow

Video: Politician In Mexico Marries His Son's Widow

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Tremendous controversy is causing a Mexican politician and businessman after marrying who was the wife of his deceased son.

The former mayor of Tequisquiapan, in Querétaro, Raúl Orihuela González married the young Valeria Hassen Morales, widow of his son Raúl Michel Orihuela for three years.

According to the Mexican press, the couple carried out their link last Friday in the state of Quintana Roo, where the newlywed has several companies. The celebration, which apparently took place at the Mayacoba hotel in Playa del Carmen, was attended only by close friends of the couple, who traveled to the East to spend their honeymoon.

According to these reports, Valeria was married for several years to her husband's son and they had two children, for whom now her grandfather will also be her stepfather. In addition, some media indicate that the newlyweds already have a daughter of about a year and a half.

The marriage has caused much controversy in the people of the couple.

Orihuela González, who in his political life has been involved in various controversies, was a victim of crime in 2013, when he was shot in the face while sleeping by one of the six men who raided his house.


On that occasion, her now deceased son was in charge of reporting what had happened. Three years later, the young man died in a spectacular car accident.

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