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Jessica Coch Lost The Baby She Was Expecting

Jessica Coch Lost The Baby She Was Expecting
Jessica Coch Lost The Baby She Was Expecting

Video: Jessica Coch Lost The Baby She Was Expecting

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Video: Jessica Coch la mamá de La Aldea | Reto 4 Elementos 2023, January

After 15 years of artistic career, Jessica Coch has managed to make a name for herself in the competitive world of acting thanks to the different antagonistic characters she has performed in successful Televisa soap operas such as When I Fall in Love and A Refuge for Love.

Away from television since her participation in the successful melodrama My husband has a family ended in 2018, the Mexican actress recently gave an interview to the journalist Aurora Valle in which she makes strong confessions about her career and personal life.


Although the interview will not be broadcast until this Saturday by TLnovelas, in the preview some of those confessions are advanced, including the loss of a baby suffered by the 39-year-old interpreter and that until now Coch had not wanted to share publicly.

"Last year in January I got pregnant and we lost it," she reveals visibly excited.

The actress, who has nearly 700,000 followers on Instagram, has had an affair for several years with the Mexican singer Israel Gutiérrez, to whom she recently dedicated some emotional words through her social networks on the occasion of her birthday.

"Who was going to tell me that we would celebrate 6 birthdays together, against all odds. They said: actress and singer, Monterrey-Mexico are crazy. And yes, it has cost us a lot, agreements, disagreements, moments of great joy and moments of sadness that we have overcome together, so many stories, trips, adventures and here we are,”wrote Coch.

The one who was the villain of the successful melodrama When I fall in love she recognized that not everything has been honey on flakes, 'but we have learned to be in good times and bad'.

"What really counts is that the love we have has always won, the desire to want to be. Thank you love for always having the same desire as me, for putting up with my absences. my follies, that Jessy that I don't know when she is going to mature and for loving me like this, with all your heart,”said the soap opera star through her Instagram profile.

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