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Kierra Eames Bacteria Eats Meat

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Kierra Eames Bacteria Eats Meat
Kierra Eames Bacteria Eats Meat

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Kierra Eames, a young mother from Utah who lost an arm after contracting a carnivorous bacterium has come out to tell her story and the ordeal that she lived without yet fully understanding how she contracted the fearsome microbe that left her with horrible scars.

The ordeal of the 26-year-old woman and mother of two children began last January when she was rushed to a hospital by her husband, 28-year-old Tyler, after waking up with terrible arm pain, fever and similar symptoms. to those of influenza.

At that site, the doctors carried out studies and detected that his level of leukocytes - or white blood cells - was very high. After a quick scan of his arm, they determined that Eames had necrotizing fasciitis and that his tissues were beginning to decompose after contracting bacteria that attacked his skin and tissues.

Her doctors determined that she should be transferred to a Salt Lake City hospital after three clots were made in her arm. There began a long battle against the rapidly advancing infection. Doctors first decided to put him into an induced coma for 11 days. On January 13, his arm was amputated.

Screenshot of the campaign on GoFundMe that Eames' sister-in-law started to help defray her medical expenses:

Kierra Eames
Kierra Eames

"The first surgery they performed was to remove 40 percent of the muscle mass from my arm, but the sepsis continued to expand," the woman explained to the Daily Mail. "My organs started to shut down and it had flowed into my brain, the doctors tried to reduce that with surgery but when they put me to bed my heart turned purple."

When Eames emerged from the medical coma he had no idea what had happened to him. “I was hallucinating and I had no idea where I was and I realized that my arm was gone. I cried. It was very hard to believe, I felt useless, "explains Eames. “It was difficult to understand what had happened, it felt like surreal. One night I went to bed as if nothing happened, the next morning I was fighting for my life.”

"I've learned to adapt," says now the one whose children Ryder and Dash, six and two years old, respectively, encourage her day by day. "They are my greatest motivation, they are what keep me going."

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