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Feid Talks Latin Grammys And Transitioning To Performing

Feid Talks Latin Grammys And Transitioning To Performing
Feid Talks Latin Grammys And Transitioning To Performing

Video: Feid Talks Latin Grammys And Transitioning To Performing

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The singer, producer and songwriter behind hits by J Balvin, Sebastián Yatra and CNCO has been in the music world for a while, but now he's celebrating one of his greatest accomplishments - his first Latin Grammy nomination. Feid is nominated for Best Urban Music Album with 19, which came out earlier this year. “The number 19 means a lot,” he tells People CHICA of the album's title. “I planned it for a long time, as it was my year of change. Each song was chosen especially by me, each song and [the track] order has my hand. It sounds particular. I worked hard and spent a lot of time making this record - that's why I say it is my full essence.”

This year has been full of surprises and changes for the young Colombian, who still can't believe he's nominated for a Latin Grammy. "It came to me at a time in my life that I needed it the most, and I'm very happy," he says. "I still can't believe it … this is awesome." Despite the controversy surrounding this year's nominations, Feid is still proud of his nod and thinks the discontent of some artists is normal. “That usually happens, but in my opinion, reggaeton has brought a lot of happiness to Latin music, and Latinos in general,” he says. "You have to give love to the people who are outside as well, and to people who are inside the genre, you have to love it."

Feid found his love for music when he was in high school and still remembers the feeling he got when he first started performing. "I wanted to feel that for the rest of my life," he recalls. He began his career as a songwriter for many urban music icons and describes his transition from songwriting to performing as a very “strange” phase of his life. "I was really writing songs because of certain situations and I had contracts, but I had a very good time," he says. Though performing was his first dream, his writing allowed him to meet many artists and build relationships with musicians that he's working with now.

The “Follow Me” singer identifies with artists like Arcangel, who inspired him to do reggaeton. With Latin music being more popular than ever before, Feid hopes to one day collaborate with American artists like T-Pain and Chris Brown, another one of his inspirations. “My biggest dream is to show the American public the 'wave' of the Latinos,” he explains. "They do not necessarily have to sing in Spanish, but at least get some inspiration and be aware of the roots where it comes from."

On Friday, Feid released the extended remix of “Badwine” with Lenny Tavarez, Farruko and El Alfa, and next up, he has a new track with Maluma coming out in November called “Fresquerías.” They recorded the video in Los Angeles just before the Latin Grammy nominations were announced, so expect some new visuals, too. "These last few months have been a blessing for me," says Feid.

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