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Leticia Calderón Photo At José José's Funeral

Leticia Calderón Photo At José José's Funeral
Leticia Calderón Photo At José José's Funeral

Video: Leticia Calderón Photo At José José's Funeral

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Video: Lety Calderón llora de emoción por la graduación de su hijo Luciano | De Primera Mano 2023, January

When he is almost a week away from his farewell, the singer José José continues to generate news. This time it has nothing to do with their children or their partners, but with a renowned actress. Many were the celebrities who wanted to say goodbye to the singer on his arrival in Mexico, including Leticia Calderón.

What she did not imagine is that a harmless photo was going to cause a stir in social networks, which questioned the photography. In the image the artist poses next to the spectacular wreath of flowers of the National Association of Interpreters that the interpreter had received to accompany the coffin at his funeral.

The snapshot, where she wears a half smile and a spectacular pamela, who was also described as inappropriate for the place and the occasion, has reached the networks and has provoked all kinds of reactions.

For some, the moment is so gloomy that even between jokes they commented that Leticia would have been the perfect candidate for the character of Catalina Creel, currently played by Paz Vega, in Cuna de Lobos.

"I miss taking a picture there," "I find this picture in bad taste," wrote some Instagram users. Meanwhile, Leticia, oblivious to the controversies, lives centered on her children, Carlo and Luciano.

Unintentionally, the unforgettable Esmeralda has also been in the eye of the hurricane lately for her statements about her ex-partner, Juan Collado. First, she assured that her children will not go to visit their father in jail and even expressed not being worried about the lawyer's lost assets. "I was never with her for money," she said bluntly on camera during her attendance at the musical Chicago.

With no hair on the tongue, Leticia again made it clear that her children are her highest priority in this life. "My children are my strength," concluded the 51-year-old actress.

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