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All The Details Of José José's Funeral In Miami

All The Details Of José José's Funeral In Miami
All The Details Of José José's Funeral In Miami

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Video: Hijos de José José se despiden de su padre durante funeral en Miami | Hoy 2023, February

The whole world wants to say goodbye to a great like him. It is fair. On the week of his death, family and friends have bid farewell to José José in a body present at the Caballero Rivero Westchdester wake in Miami.

Hundreds of fans crowded to the doors of the place and even sang to him in memory of what his figure was. Friends from the world of entertainment and communication, such as Gilberto Santarosa, Lili Estefan and María Celeste Arrarás, did not want to miss this farewell, who dedicated heartfelt words to the Prince of song.

"Much respect for his artistic career, much admiration also for his person, for his entrepreneurial character and as a fighter, because that is what he was," said the Caballero de la Salsa.

Who also shared details of what was lived inside the funeral home was Lili Estefan, who very excitedly confirmed that José José could be seen in the present body and that he was at peace. "There is José José, the coffin is open, that is, we have it in our bodies. I was very surprised but I want to tell you that I saw him in peace, the energy he transmits is that he died in peace, he died calmly,”she said excitedly.

The former representative of one of the most important voices of recent times also reported on how he was dressed. "He is handsome, dressed in blue," said Angie Garcia.

During the funeral, her three children appeared in front of the press and gave the first statements about how they were living through this difficult moment. Sarita daughter could not help but collapse and cry inconsolably without being able to say too many words. “It was a very beautiful and very beautiful wake. Both me and Marysol and Sarita are in a family union paying the last respects to my lord father, "said their eldest son José Joel.

The first impression is that they were united, calm and together in this delicate moment. However, it seems that the controversy could have settled again in the family. The initial idea of ​​moving the body to Mexico and being buried there is not entirely clear. According to the Suelta la Sopa program, his wife Sarita could have refused it and his word is the one that has the greatest legal power over any child.

After this farewell and tribute in Miami, the idea is to take the singer's body to Mexico and bid him farewell in front of the millions of compatriots who await him. If he stays there or returns to be buried in the United States, it is a fact that is not yet 100% known but will be confirmed in the coming days.

As always, all our love and affection to the family of this great song. Rest in peace.

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