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Doctors Soap Opera Televisa First Images

Doctors Soap Opera Televisa First Images
Doctors Soap Opera Televisa First Images

Video: Doctors Soap Opera Televisa First Images

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Video: The Doctors (From March 19th 1979) 2023, January

Daniel Arenas and Livia Brito are ready to take over Hispanic prime time again as the protagonists of Médicos, Línea de vida, the new and ambitious stellar bet of Televisa that is in charge of producer José Alberto Castro, responsible for successful soap operas like Por amar sin ley, The one who could not love and Teresa.

The fiction, which also features performances by Grettell Valdez, Carlos de la Mota, Mauricio Henao, Osvaldo de León and José Elías Moreno, will premiere several weeks earlier in Mexico, where it will begin airing on Monday, November 11, at stellar.

Just over three weeks before its premiere, the first advances of this long-awaited story are already on the air, which will plunge us into the exciting world of doctors.

"This comes with everything gentlemen. The countdown to Doctors started. What a great team. Thank you God,”Arenas wrote excitedly through his social networks.

“Excited is little. Get ready, I know you are going to love it,”said Venezuelan Scarlet Gruber, who is also part of the cast of the TV series.

Doctors, which has been recorded since August on the Televisa San Ángel forums in Mexico, is set in a medical specialty hospital that houses the most experienced minds in each of the branches of medicine.

The fiction follows the story of a group of prominent professionals who deal with the most complex clinical cases while trying to heal the wounds of their own lives.

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