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Meet The Designer Efraín Mogollón

Meet The Designer Efraín Mogollón
Meet The Designer Efraín Mogollón

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No one already doubts that Latin fashion is more fashionable than ever. After the boom of Colombian designers who have succeeded even on the catwalks in Paris, such as Esteban Cortázar, and among the famous and fashionistas, such as Johanna Ortiz, is it now the turn of Venezuelans? One of the emerging talents of the country, with even more merit for the moment of crisis in the country, is Efraín Mogollón. Discover the keys to his style and why you won't stop hearing his name.

Volume is his trademark, from embossed sleeves to ruffles and drapes, the Venezuelan has a weakness for amplifying his garments and giving them an extra body. The online fashion platform Moda Operandi in which other Latino designers have made themselves known, has recently opted for him and now sells on her website the tops with bow ties, dresses with ruffles and draped skirts with train that you will want in your wardrobe from now on.

“Our look is fresh and timeless. We are looking for the sobriety and elegance of the Mediterranean: a purity like that of contemporary women, subtly refined”, she explains on her website. “There is a liveliness in the Latin culture in which sensuality is not about teaching, but about suggesting. There is always room for expression and enjoyment with our garments, with which one can find harmony between the trends established by our collective subconscious and our own identity”.

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