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Hispanic Mother In Custody For Murdering Children

Hispanic Mother In Custody For Murdering Children
Hispanic Mother In Custody For Murdering Children

Video: Hispanic Mother In Custody For Murdering Children

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Video: Mother arrested in the deaths of her 3 young children in East L.A. 2023, February

Two Hispanic brothers were allegedly killed by their mother on Saturday, Alabama authorities confirmed to People magazine.

Taylor Garcia, 9, and her younger brother Alvaro Garcia, 3, were found dead at their home near Baileyton, Cullman County Sheriff Brad Williams, communications director, confirmed the bodies' identities.

The children's mother, Sara Franco Tapia, 32, is in the hospital and will be charged with two counts of murder on her departure, Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry said at a news conference Tuesday, reports the local media AL.com.

The mother was flown to a local hospital Saturday after officers found her in a field near her home with self-inflicted knife wounds, Gentry said. A knife was also found nearby, reports the Associated Press. Franco Tapia underwent emergency surgery when she arrived at the hospital and is now in the Intensive Care Unit in stable condition.

She is in the custody of sheriff's agents and investigators while hospitalized.

"An unthinkable nightmare came true for our family this weekend," wrote the children's sister, Lizeth López, in the GoFundMe that she created to cover the funeral expenses. "Last Saturday our family lost two beautiful children, Álvaro and Taylor García, in a tragic event," he wrote. "We are completely heartbroken."

The sheriff's office is in talks with the Cullman County District Attorney's office about whether to charge her with murder.

"We will not seek bail. It is the position of the district attorney's office with our support to go to the fullest extent of the law in this case,”Gentry said.

Authorities have not said the reason that allegedly led to her killing the children.

Prior to the 911 call by the children's father on Saturday, the family "had no contact or reported any problems known to her or that address," Gentry said.

Investigators have found no evidence that Tapia suffers from a mental health problem.

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