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Television Presenter Falls Show Video

Television Presenter Falls Show Video
Television Presenter Falls Show Video

Video: Television Presenter Falls Show Video

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

Holy falls! A television host was presenting with her colleagues on stage when she took a bad step and went to the floor.

Cynthia Urias, from the Cuéntamelo program, already suffered the unfortunate mishap last Wednesday right on the stairs of the show's forum. The clip of the incident was posted on the program's Instagram account where thousands of viewers saw it in Mexico. At the same time, the video was shared on Despierta América (Univision), since then, it went viral.

Although some Internet users criticized the decision of the program to publish the clip, the affected person took it with humor since, fortunately, she escaped the accident unscathed and is enjoying a family outing and a few days off.

“Thanks to those who worried about the fall, it was last Wednesday and without incident. Thank God nothing happened to me, I passed out from the scare no more, it always happens to me,”wrote the communicator on her social networks. “I'm like Chavo del Ocho, he gives me the chiripiorca, ha ha ha. Kisses to all!”, Concluded with laughter.


In the video clip, it is possible to see how Urias, who wore heels, loses balance and falls sideways.

The singer was immediately helped by her colleagues and members of the production.

Fortunately everything was in a scare so, on the next broadcast, Cynthia returned to the stage as a professional to continue captivating the public with her talent.

Accidents happen to anyone; therefore, celebrities are not exempt from going through some bad time; Unfortunately for them, it sometimes happens when they are on stage and in front of the public. Some celebrities have even had health problems from bulky falls. In this list we made a count so that you see that it usually happens more often than you imagine.

Fortunately Cynthia is fine!

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