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Romeo Santos Spends Moments For Hair Products

Romeo Santos Spends Moments For Hair Products
Romeo Santos Spends Moments For Hair Products

Less than two weeks after its premiere, the music video for the song The Best Version of Me, by Romeo Santos and Natti Natasha, already has more than 30 million views on YouTube. The video, directed by Fernando Lugo, is incredible and the subject is not mentioned. That is why fans of both artists have turned to see it and share it on different digital platforms. And if it continues like this, it is very possible that it will break some record. But we cannot forget that when the product is so good, it is logical that the production has been an odyssey, or at least in this case it was for Santos, who in a video related the two mishaps he suffered during this recording.

As the singer himself explains, to make his videos he is usually combed with special products so that the hairstyle is maintained during all the hours and situations of the recording. The problem is that, on this occasion, those products played a trick on him.

“I wanted to share with you some anecdotes, some secrets, things that happened in the filming of this video. Although it was a very fun process for both of them, for Natti and for this server, some obstacles did occur in this shoot,”says the interpreter in a video that he posted on his Instagram account. “When you see that it starts to rain in the room, for me that scene was a bit complicated since as you artists will imagine, when we are in that environment of video clips and photoshoots, we apply special products to our hair so one can look more glamorous”.

The singer-songwriter explains that it was a rather uncomfortable situation for him and that, although it worked because of the type of scene he was doing where he had to see himself suffering, he could not bear the burning in his eyes.

"When the water starts to fall, obviously the products they put on you also start to roll down your face. This worked since the character had to show himself suffering, in agony. I really felt a damn burning in the eyes”, explains Santos, who also had a mishap recording another of the scenes. "So when you see that I transmit that feeling and that as suffering, it is that my eyes were really [bad], I was impatient, shit."

Luckily this did not happen to older and the small problem with the hair products helped him make the scene much more real.

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