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Bryce Cleary Donates Sperm To 17 Children

Bryce Cleary Donates Sperm To 17 Children
Bryce Cleary Donates Sperm To 17 Children

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Video: 1 Sperm Donor, 17+ Kids, and a $5M Lawsuit 2023, February

A man is more than furious after learning that his sperm donation to help couples with fertility problems was allegedly not used as promised 30 years ago. Now he says he will take the fertility clinic to court, which he accuses of lying to him.

When he was a medical student in 1989, now-doctor Bryce Cleary decided to donate his sperm at the Oregon Health & Science University fertility clinic to help couples who couldn't conceive children and for scientific research.

The clinic promised her that her donation had helped the conception of five babies on the east coast of the United States and that the rest would be destined for research, according to The Washington Post.

So since then he believed that there were only five "donated" children across the country, so he assured his wife that they were so far away that there was no chance that their four children with her would ever meet their half-brothers and much less that they fall in love.

"You can imagine the shock when, after 30 years, Dr. Cleary [learns] that at least 17 children were born from his donation," his lawyer said at a news conference.


Apparently all the children were born in Oregon or the North Pacific Coast region. According to press reports, some of the children have attended the same schools, churches and social events, which increased the possibility of knowing each other without knowing that they were brothers.

This discovery led the doctor to file a lawsuit for more of his son, I feel sorry for him, and I feel sorry for my half brothers,” James Cleary told the Post. “When I have children, I will have to tell them what is going on and they should be careful. If you do the math and there are 17 [children] in the area, and they all have two children, that's a lot of people related to you. We live in a small area and you don't know who is who."

A 25-year-old woman who the doctor first met and who confessed that she used the DNA record to search for her siblings was present at the press conference since she had grown up as an only child. It was there that she found Cleary's whereabouts and several other relatives.

"It is very difficult to imagine, since they knew me before I knew this was happening," said the doctor.

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