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Police Search For Missing Girl In Park In New Jersey

Police Search For Missing Girl In Park In New Jersey
Police Search For Missing Girl In Park In New Jersey

Video: Police Search For Missing Girl In Park In New Jersey

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Video: AMBER ALERT NJ: Police searching for clues in case of missing New Jersey girl 2023, January

Police revealed they are searching for a man suspected of kidnapping Dulce María Alavez, 5, from a park in New Jersey. Authorities are looking for "a white-skinned man, possibly Hispanic," reported CBS Philadelphia and NBC Philadelphia. The girl disappeared from a park in Bridgeton City on Monday. The suspect is 5 feet 6 to 8 inches tall and was described as a thin, acne-bearing man with no beard or mustache. The suspected kidnapper was reportedly wearing orange tennis shoes and a black T-shirt.

This guy allegedly convinced the little girl to follow him and ride his red van with dark windows, with a sliding door on the side, police said.

Sweet Maria Alavez
Sweet Maria Alavez

The subject allegedly sat Dulce in the back seat of the van and drove with her in his car around 4:20 pm, according to authorities. The girl's wife, 19-year- old Noema Pérez, took her two children to the park around 4 pm on Monday and let Dulce and her 3-year-old brother play on the swings while she waited in the car with a relative. 8 years. Police reported that the mother's car was parked about 30 yards from the play area where the children were.

After about 10 minutes, her 3-year-old son returned to the car alone, saying he couldn't find his sister. When the mother went looking for Dulce, she never found her again. The mother called her brother to help her find her daughter and it took about an hour for them to call the police, according to reports.

"I just wanted to find her and that she was okay, that nothing bad had happened to her," the mother told CBS Philly. Pérez said her daughter was "shy" and did not understand how she had been able to leave with a stranger. The girl was wearing brown pants with flowers and butterflies and a pink long-sleeved shirt and white shoes. An intense search for Dulce has been carried out around the park, including the help of trained dogs and a helicopter. "We continue to treat the case as that of a missing child," Bridgeton Police Chief Michael Gaimari told NJ.com. "We are exploring all possibilities."

The reward for information leading to the whereabouts of the girl Dulce María Alavez has increased to $ 52,000, in the fourth week of her disappearance.

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