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Donald Trump Proposed Shooting Immigrants In The Legs

Donald Trump Proposed Shooting Immigrants In The Legs
Donald Trump Proposed Shooting Immigrants In The Legs

Video: Donald Trump Proposed Shooting Immigrants In The Legs

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Video: Trump reportedly suggested shooting migrants in the legs to slow them down 2023, January

From about twenty interviews with White House officials, The New York Times newspaper, in an excerpt from the book Border Wars: Inside Trump assault on Inmmigration, has reconstructed a meeting of the President of the United States with his top advisers in Immigration policy matter that took place in March. The information collected has been published by this medium causing a stir due to its serious content.

At that meeting in the oval office, Donald Trump proposed, among other things, in addition to the immediate closure of the border with Mexico, the shooting of the legs of immigrants who intended to cross it.

The New York newspaper quoted a dozen people on condition of anonymity. In this way, he was able to carefully analyze this meeting where the president's intentions were clear.


According to the article, another of Trump's proposals was to establish a water tank to complement the wall that was full of alligators and snakes, a project for which they assure even went so far as to ask for a budget. But that was not all. In order to avoid the passage of immigrants, it occurred to him to put spikes with which to cause serious injuries and even electrify the border barrier.

Ideas that reached the top with the proposal to open fire against those who tried to move to this other side. According to the newspaper, it was his advisers who had to put a stop to these proposals and clarify that shooting was totally prohibited.

Already in November 2018, the president warned that the military were authorized to open fire on those who tried to cross the border illegally and without papers. In addition to violence, his initiatives at the controversial meeting included threatening the López Obrador Mexican government with creating tariffs. But again his advisers convinced him not to carry it out due to the infeasibility.

The newspaper quotes Trump phrases in an angry tone where he asks those present not to treat him like an idiot because it is he who "directs all this." A scandalous meeting that the president has already dedicated to deny in a series of messages on his Twitter profile where he lashes out harshly against the media. "The press has gone crazy," he wrote.

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