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Salma Hayek Celebrates 53 Years Sexy Bikini Photo

Salma Hayek Celebrates 53 Years Sexy Bikini Photo
Salma Hayek Celebrates 53 Years Sexy Bikini Photo

Video: Salma Hayek Celebrates 53 Years Sexy Bikini Photo

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Video: 54 Year Old Salma Hayek Flaunts Her Ageless Beauty 2023, January

When Jennifer Lopez turned 50 looking so good, everyone poured praise on her and wondered how she managed to look so spectacular and as if she were 20 years younger. But, have they seen Salma Hayek? Because I tell you that the Mexican actress has just turned 53 and the truth is that it seems rather that she has just entered her 40s. The artist has a figure that even the youngest would envy and an incomparable charisma. And in case anyone had any doubt that under those designer pieces that she always wears, the day before her birthday, Hayek decided to delight her followers by publishing a photo that left more than one sighing.

The actress, who just before her big day, was enjoying a few days on some paradisiacal beach, published a photo on her Instagram account wearing a sexy turquoise blue bikini that accentuated her curves, revealing her incredible cleavage and even her stomach that it is far from flat and perfect. But obviously, not having the perfect stomach is something that the actress doesn't care about.

"Yes, I'm turning 53 tomorrow, so what?", The Mexican wrote next to the image that sparked countless comments in which they wished her a happy birthday, but also admired her figure.

Back in London, Hayek celebrated his birthday with family and friends at an intimate dinner entertained, of course, by a mariachi. It was during that evening where the actress was encouraged to sing along with the mariachi, enjoy good tequila shots and delicious food.

“What better way to celebrate my birthday than with my family, friends, good weather in London, a mariachi band of pure women, lots of tequila, wine, delicious food, love, dancing and singing badly in memory of Frida Khalo and Chavela Vargas. "Wrote the artist along with the video she published where she appears singing. "Thank you Francois, Valentina and Marjo for this unforgettable night."

Congratulations Salma!

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