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Latin Mother Gives Birth In A Cell Without Medical Help

Latin Mother Gives Birth In A Cell Without Medical Help
Latin Mother Gives Birth In A Cell Without Medical Help

Video: Latin Mother Gives Birth In A Cell Without Medical Help

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Video: Woman gave birth in jail cell with no medical help, lawsuit says | ABC7 2023, January

It could perfectly be the scene of a movie. But is not. Diana Sánchez is not a Hollywood actress nor was she pretending. She is the Hispanic woman who gave birth to her baby in a prison cell in Denver where she was serving time.

The cabin where he was had a camera that recorded the shocking images that now travel the world. In her ninth month of pregnancy, her mother began to feel the symptoms of childbirth. Uncomfortable, the woman was restless and moving from one side to the other.

Despite trying several times to notify security guards that she had broken water and had contractions, no one listened to her. Diana had no choice but to return to the bed where she lay down and began the labor.

The scene is from July 31, 2018 when the 27-year-old woman was imprisoned for identity theft. Just a year later, Diana has filed a lawsuit against the county and prison department for the lack of medical care in a situation where her life and that of her son were in danger.

“Mrs. Sánchez had to face this horrible experience despite the fact that there were several nurses from the Denver Health Department and several prison officials who knew that she had been in labor for hours, that days had passed since the date she was due to give birth and that the fountain had broken hours before”; explains the legal brief.

The lawsuit also refers to the lack of medical means after the baby's arrival in the world to treat him as required, thus violating "the constitutional rights of Mrs. Sánchez and her baby," the document continues.

The prison authorities have defended themselves, assuring that the officials did do everything necessary in these cases, requesting a van that would take the young woman to the hospital. But they also added that before they had to end the entry process for new inmates.

The case is already in the hands of justice and only she will say who is right. The baby and the mother are safe and healthy pending this resolution.

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