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Uber Driver Accused Of Kidnapping Teenage Girl

Uber Driver Accused Of Kidnapping Teenage Girl
Uber Driver Accused Of Kidnapping Teenage Girl

Video: Uber Driver Accused Of Kidnapping Teenage Girl

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An Uber driver in New York has been accused of kidnapping a minor passenger. The man picked up the 15-year-old girl from a 'Sweet 16' party to celebrate a friend's 16th birthday on July 12. The man then attempted to forcibly take the girl home, according to authorities.

Sean Williams, 32, picked up the young passenger around 11:15 p.m. and was to drop her off at an address in Merrick, the Nassau County District Attorney's office said in a statement. However, before reaching the intended destination, Williams allegedly canceled the route and "tried to convince the minor to go have a drink with him," the statement quoted by PEOPLE detailed. It is also suspected that the accused "wanted to take the 15-year-old girl to his home in Brooklyn, where he intended to sexually assault her," the statement added.

Sean Williams
Sean Williams

The teenager freaked out and allegedly warned Williams that she was only 15 years old, pleading with her multiple times to take her home. According to authorities, Williams continued to drive in the "wrong direction" and the girl came up with an escape plan.

After arriving in Brooklyn, the passenger asked Williams to let her use the bathroom. When the car stopped, the girl ran into a McDonald's and called the police. The driver then followed her to the restaurant but fled when the police arrived, the statement said.

On July 16, Williams was arrested outside his home. On Monday the man was accused of kidnapping, with the motive of sexually abusing a minor and endangering the safety of a girl. If found guilty, he could spend a maximum of 25 years in prison.

“The family of this 15-year-old girl depended on this car service to take her daughter safely home after going to a Sweet 16 party, but the accused allegedly kidnapped her and wanted to sexually abuse her after give him alcohol,”said District Attorney Madeline Singas in the statement. "The girl was terrified of the accused's alleged behavior and bravely took action to contact the police and get rid of him." The case remains under investigation.

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