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New Mexico Heroin Baby Trash

New Mexico Heroin Baby Trash
New Mexico Heroin Baby Trash

Video: New Mexico Heroin Baby Trash

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Family Guy's "New Mexico trash" jab falls flat 2023, January

Mayor, New Mexico police are investigating the death of a newborn who was found in a bag in the trash after his mother allegedly injected him with heroin.

According to the New Mexico State Police a week ago officers received a call from a man reporting that he was "concerned about the welfare of his unborn child."

"The father said that when he returned to his home in [the town of] La Madera after taking a trip, he found that the mother of his son was no longer showing signs of pregnancy," it was reported in a police statement released. in part by KRMG News-102.3 radio station. "When the father questioned the woman about the creature she did not want to tell the father where it was."


The man reported to the police that his wife was using heroin. The police then conducted a search of the home where they found a bag in the trash that contained the child's body.

"We perceive the smell of death," exclaimed the policemen about what they experienced inside the house while searching for the newborn.

The woman, who was showing the symptoms of heroin use, then confessed that she had given birth but passed out. It also chillingly revealed that she had injected the drug into her son to prevent the baby from presenting withdrawal symptoms.

Authorities will now perform an autopsy that will determine the baby's official cause of death. For the moment, the identity of the parties involved has not been revealed and unless charges are filed, it will not be disclosed.

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