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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Police in Fairfield, California confirmed the finding of newborn twins who were dumped in a dump by their mother, who had given birth on the streets. The tragedy is even greater as one of the babies passed away.

The events occurred this Tuesday at 4:00 pm near Pittman Road, next to a pizzeria called Cerino's. An employee of a pharmacy next door to that business called 911 when one of the restaurant employees told her that a homeless woman had given birth in the nearby garbage dump and had babies with her.

Police rushed to the area where they found the creatures. They later located the mother at the corner of Central Place and Highway 80. "Based on her appearance, it is evident that she had just given birth," the police report said.

"Both infants appeared with signs of agony. An officer began to give first aid to one and the other was turned to the fire service. That infant was subsequently transferred to the local hospital. Unfortunately the other infant was already dead and died here at the scene, there was nothing the officer could do for him,”said Lt. Jausiah Jacobsen of the Fairfield Police as reported by KGO-7 in California.

"This breaks the heart, it is truly disturbing," said Joe Frundl, one of the owners of Cerino's Pizza. The man claims that the woman had been wandering around the area in past weeks and sometimes asked permission to use their toilets. "I didn't know I was pregnant until my employees told me," she exclaimed.

La mujer, cuya edad no ha sido revelada, fue detenida. El hijo que sobrevivió se reporta como estable y permanece ingresado.

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