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14-year-old Glacier National Park Girl Dies

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14-year-old Glacier National Park Girl Dies
14-year-old Glacier National Park Girl Dies

Video: 14-year-old Glacier National Park Girl Dies

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Video: 14-year-old girl dies after rockfall hits vehicle on Going-to-the-Sun Road 2023, January

A 14-year-old teenager lost her life after being seriously injured in a landslide that occurred this Monday in Glacier National Park, in Montana.

The incident occurred in the East Tunnel, an area very popular with visitors to the park and located on the 'Going-to-the-Sun Road' route, as reported by CNN.

Rocks up to 12 inches in diameter collapsed on the pick-up truck in which the minor's family was traveling hitting the top of the vehicle and destroying the car's windshield. According to an official statement from the park, so many rocks fell that they filled the truck's cargo area.

The minor's parents and two children were also injured in the incident.

"The two adults suffered significant contusions and were transported to area hospitals. The other two children in the vehicle had minor injuries and also went by ambulance to the hospital,”said park spokesmen.

The park is extremely popular in the summer:

One of its tunnels:

An ambulance immediately came to assist the girl but could not be moved by air due to her unstable condition.

The park has not yet released the identities of those affected, but it was reported that these will be revealed as soon as the relevant investigations are conducted.

The 'Going-to-the-Sun Road' route was temporarily closed after what happened while park teams clean the area of ​​the rubble caused by the collapse.

These types of avalanches occasionally occur, the last similar fatality occurred in 1996 when another vehicle was hit by rocks.

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