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Ana Patricia Leaves Despierta América

Ana Patricia Leaves Despierta América
Ana Patricia Leaves Despierta América

Video: Ana Patricia Leaves Despierta América

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Video: Ana Patricia se cayó en vivo en Despierta América 2023, February

The career of the presenter Ana Patricia Gámez continues to rise.

After eight years as part of the cast of Despierta América (Univision), it seems that the Mexican model is ready to take her next step; present your own program.

Although the ex-queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina (Univision) has not confirmed or denied her departure from the morning, it is believed that she will be the presenter of a new reality show for the UniMás network.

Because they belong to the same corporation, chains often share talents. This was the case of Karina Banda, Migbelis Castellanos and Roberto Hernández, who went from their respective Univision programs to being the face of the UniMás network.

According to various media reports, Ana Patricia would have auditioned for the program Enamorándonos, which came out as one of the favorites.

While we wait to see if Giulietta and Gael's mom leaves her companions to set out on their own, the beautiful Mexican enjoys her life as a mom.

Two months ago she celebrated her little Giulietta's birthday and earlier this month she threw the house out the window again to mark her son Gael's first birthday.

Ana Patricia and her husband Luis Carlos Martínez would be exhausted from planning the big party.

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