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Bahamas 3 Sharks Kill Student

Bahamas 3 Sharks Kill Student
Bahamas 3 Sharks Kill Student

Video: Bahamas 3 Sharks Kill Student

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Video: 3 Tiger Sharks Kill College Student in the Bahamas 2023, January

Jordan Lindsey, a 21-year-old California resident, died in the Bahamas after a fierce attack by 3 sharks that occurred when she was snorkeling with her family.

The State Department confirmed that the incident occurred this Wednesday, June 26 at 2:00 pm local time, in the vicinity of Rose Island.

The parents of the young student and other relatives confirmed that they were practicing snorkeling and that when they saw the sharks they began to yell at Lindsey to warn her of their presence, but that she could not hear them in time.

The sea beasts lunged at her, nibbling at her legs and thighs and ripping off her right arm. The young girl was rescued and immediately taken to a hospital in Nassau, the capital, where she died. Paul Rolle, Deputy Director of the Royal Bahamas Islands Police confirmed the death and the results of the autopsy that is already being carried out are now awaited, as confirmed by CBS-LA.

Jordan Lindsey
Jordan Lindsey

"Jordan was the kindest, most beautiful spirit and he will be deeply missed," said his sister Madison Lindsey, who opened a GoFundMe page where the family is requesting help to pay for the communications, issued a statement on behalf of the institution to express the pain despite the academic and student staff for the loss of the young woman. "[Lindsey] was a devoted animal lover and dedicated climate change activist," she said.

The Bahamas Islands Ministry of Tourism and Aviation also expressed "deep condolences", while the local government has issued a "public caution alert" in the wake of the attack.

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