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Missouri Baby Dies: Left In Car For Hours

Missouri Baby Dies: Left In Car For Hours
Missouri Baby Dies: Left In Car For Hours

Video: Missouri Baby Dies: Left In Car For Hours

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An 11-month-old girl who was about to celebrate her first year of life died inside a car in Missouri after her parents locked her inside the car for more than 16 hours.

Calverton Park police in St. Louis are now investigating the death of Joseline Eichelberger who was found dead by her grandmother around 5:00 p.m. local time. The girl was still sitting in her baby car in the car that was near her home, located in block 100 of Anistisia Drive, as reported by KMOV-4, an affiliate of the NBC chain in Missouri.

Little Joseline was unconscious and not breathing, and despite the efforts of the paramedics, nothing could be done to revive her. Temperatures in St. Louis reached 79 degrees Fahrenheit, but the car's interior would see much higher temperatures throughout the day.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, it is believed that on Saturday night, the minor's father and mother went out partying and when they returned home they left the minor locked in the car until she was discovered 16 hours later.

Joseline Eichelberger
Joseline Eichelberger

"I feel like a piece of my heart was ripped from me because she was part of my being," exclaimed Lilly Belfield, the minor's cousin to KMOV-4, in pain.

“She is my angel, she always brightened everyone's day with that huge smile she had. Everyone even loved her as if she were yours,”said the minor's grandmother, who established a GoFundMe page to pay for the baby's funeral. There the woman revealed that sadly the baby would be her first birthday on June 9, just the day that a vigil will be held in her honor.

According to sources, there have been no arrests in connection with this case, however, the police interviewed two people in this regard, without revealing their identity.

The minor's family insists that it was all an accident and that the baby's parents would never do anything to hurt her. "You have two young parents, one tells the other to go get the baby … you know, mistakes are made," Barbara Beckett told the chain. “It is a nightmare, they are both traumatized. They don't stop crying."

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