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Dutch Teen Euthanasia Dies

Dutch Teen Euthanasia Dies
Dutch Teen Euthanasia Dies

Video: Dutch Teen Euthanasia Dies

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Video: Euthanasia vs Assisted Suicide: Bioethics Professor Examines Death of Dutch Teen 2023, January

Last Sunday, Noa Pothoven, a 17-year-old Dutch teenager, ended her life through the method of euthanasia. The young woman was the one who insisted on taking this option since she lost the will to live after being a victim of rape twice and not being able to deal with the aftermath of both attacks.

"I will be direct: within ten days I will have died. I am exhausted after years of struggle and I have stopped eating and drinking,”wrote Pothoven on her Instagram account. "After many discussions and analyzes of my situation, it has been decided to let me go because my pain is unbearable."

Noa Pothoven
Noa Pothoven

Due to her condition, the girl suffered from depression and anorexia; therefore, she had previously requested that she be euthanized; however, the specialists considered that he was too young for a decision of this nature. Finally, Pothoven obtained the appropriate permits and, after saying goodbye to her loved ones and doing some things she wanted, a doctor came to her house and helped her die.

"I haven't lived in a long time, I survive, and not even that," he added. “Love is letting go. In this case, that's the way it is”.

Euthanasia in the Netherlands was legalized in 2002 and can be requested by those interested from 12 years of age when children suffer from unhealthy diseases or intolerable conditions, but require parental permission; at 16 they can already make the request at their own risk.

Now, Noa Pothoven, who published the book Win or Die, where she recounted her own experiences, is already resting in peace.

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