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5 Things You Should Know About The Attack On Tammy Lawrence-Daley

5 Things You Should Know About The Attack On Tammy Lawrence-Daley
5 Things You Should Know About The Attack On Tammy Lawrence-Daley

Video: 5 Things You Should Know About The Attack On Tammy Lawrence-Daley

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Video: American Attacked At Caribbean Resort Issues Warning To Tourists | TODAY 2023, January

What was supposed to be a relaxing vacation at a renowned resort in the Dominican Republic, turned out to be the worst nightmare Tammy Lawrence-Daley has ever lived, a 51-year-old American woman who was left on the brink of death after suffering an attack. inside the Majestic Elegance Resort in Punta Cana.

Through their social networks, the mother of two revealed details of the dramatic moments she experienced when she was assaulted by a man who brutalized her until she was unconscious. "How do you explain to your children that you are almost murdered by a stranger and that I am coming home, but I will not see myself as before?" Reads Tammy's writing on Facebook and accompanying the impressive images of the aftermath she left on his body the voracious attack.

But who is this woman and how did the horrendous attack happen? These are 5 things you should know about this case.

1. It all happened at 10:30 pm: The attack happened on the second night that Tammy spent with her husband and two other friends at the Majestic Elegance Resort. After returning to her room, Lawrence-Daley decided to go alone for something to eat. It was then that a man approached her and dragged her to a maintenance room, where she was brutally beaten by the individual.

2. The assailant wanted to kill her: Tammy assures that the man who attacked her left her in a "hole" thinking that he had left her dead. "This man thought she had killed me, but she failed. She is out there, she is a predator, waiting for her next victim," she said in her revealing post.

3. No responsible: Despite the fact that Tammy says that the perpetrator of the brutal beating wore a hotel uniform, the resort backed away from any commitment to what happened through a statement posted on their social networks, in which they assure that "they are not responsible for the attack since the woman was unable to identify the attacker."

4. Whether she was sexually abused is uncertain: After being found still alive, after several hours of the attack, Lawrence-Daley was rushed to an area medical center. Due to the time that elapsed between the attack and the time she was treated, it was impossible to determine if she had been the victim of any type of sexual abuse.

5. This was the response of the hotel employees when his wife was looking for her: After Tammy's notorious absence, her husband and friends went looking for her, reporting the situation in the same way to the hotel employees. As revealed by the victim of the attack, hotel workers told those close to her that, most likely, she took more of the account and fell asleep somewhere in the resort.

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