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Police Deny Version Of Woman Beaten In Punta Cana

Police Deny Version Of Woman Beaten In Punta Cana
Police Deny Version Of Woman Beaten In Punta Cana

Video: Police Deny Version Of Woman Beaten In Punta Cana

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Video: American Woman Violently ATTACKED In The Dominican Republic - 2019 Punta Cana - Sosua 2023, January

Police in the Dominican Republic are questioning the story of an American tourist who claims to have been savagely beaten and strangled by strangers on a pleasure trip to Punta Cana. Spokesmen said the story has many "holes" and Now the victim's husband has rejected his version, exploiting against the authorities reviewing the case.

Tammy Lawrence-Daley made waves last week by revealing to the press and on Facebook what happened last January at the Majestic Elegance Resort hotel facilities. The woman said that on her second night of her stay she left her room alone to compare something to eat and that there she was attacked by surprise by unknown persons who locked her in a maintenance room and beat her with a stick. When the woman was rescued the next morning, she had multiple fractures and her mouth was almost "ripped out."

"There are many conjectures in this case, a lot of information that does not agree with their statements," said Colonel Frank Durán, spokesman for the National Police of the Dominican Republic. "We must wait for the investigations to conclude."

Lawrence-Daley says that when her husband and the couple of friends they were traveling with realized that she was not coming back, they turned to the hotel staff for help, but that the cooperation from the staff was scarce. "My husband and friends went to the front desk at least three times that night before security personnel agreed to look for me," said the 51-year-old woman, who has two children and lives in Delaware. "[Her search] consisted of going to the beach to see if I was there. The Majestic Elegance Hotel staff thought I was drunk out there. I disappeared at 10:30 and they found me 8 hours later. It was hell."

For his part, Ramón Brito, a spokesman for the Punta Cana tourist police, assured NBC-10 that investigators found multiple "inconsistencies" and "discrepancies" in Delaney's statements to the police.

Tammy Lawrence-Daley and husband Christopher Daley
Tammy Lawrence-Daley and husband Christopher Daley
Tammy Lawrence-Daley
Tammy Lawrence-Daley

Given the authorities' rejection of his wife's words, Christoper Delaney has exploded against those who deny his version, assuring that they have not been honest. Especially since the country's attorney general's office says that the couple refused to make a complaint to the authorities, even when they were in front of the United States embassy.

"We were supposed to receive a police report in February and we did not receive it," the man assured the WCAU chain, also explaining that the report was made in the court of Higuey, a town to which both went before returning home..

The man also claims that the police delayed the application of a test to determine if his wife had been sexually abused and that he did not follow up on the evidence or share important documents with his lawyers.

Lawrence-Daley, who claims to have lost consciousness on several occasions while being locked up, is unsure whether she was raped or not, she confessed in an interview with People. "We had to force them to apply the rape test and that did not happen until 48 hours after [what happened]," her husband told the Associated Press agency.

Lawrence-Daley assures that what she seeks when revealing the story is that women are alert: "They must understand that they cannot walk anywhere alone," she confessed on Facebook.

"When you are in a place with which you are not familiar, or even in places that are familiar to you, please remember … be smart, be cautious," said the woman in frustration with the fact that neither the hotel nor the The insurer of the same have claimed responsibility because the victim could not identify his attacker.

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