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Alejandro Tommasi Does Not Clarify Or Deny Suicide Letter

Alejandro Tommasi Does Not Clarify Or Deny Suicide Letter
Alejandro Tommasi Does Not Clarify Or Deny Suicide Letter

Video: Alejandro Tommasi Does Not Clarify Or Deny Suicide Letter

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Fans of actor Alejandro Tommasi can now breathe easy after the alarming message he shared on social networks.

Tommasi thanked the concern and displays of affection from his followers, friends and colleagues and assured that he is well. He noted that the surprising message last Tuesday was due to a moment of despair, without giving further details.

“I thank you infinitely, really. I'm fine, thank you, it was a moment of despair that you don't even have to know what happened, but I'm fine,”he expressed through the video posted on social networks.

Tommasi alarmed his followers with Tuesday's message, which was taken as a farewell letter in advance of a suicide. While everything seems to be stable so far, his fans remain concerned.

“No one knows the pain that twists my soul. No one seeks to give me love and calm. Only God who receives me in his tenderness and embraces me with his love there in Glory. I'm leaving, and my story is over, I will pray for mercy, "he said in the aforementioned message.

"Thank you for your love, not everyone, who gave me a moment of patience. I will have them in the memory of my soul. And I will come to thank on the way, I just say thank you for being beautiful in my poor life that ends. I will look for a light in their gaze when they pray for my soul, in heaven”, she added.

The message was deleted hours after it appeared after receiving countless messages concerned about her health and well-being.

The actor has not yet explained the reason for his frustration, which has fueled speculation. His next message was devoted to criticizing the situation in his country.

"Illegality, corruption, injustice, and the malfunctioning of the country's institutions that do not resolve legal cases that affect citizens. Folks for influence and bad government affect the integrity and human rights of Mexicans,”he denounced.

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