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Disney Campaign To Empower The Girls Of The World
Disney Campaign To Empower The Girls Of The World

Video: Disney Campaign To Empower The Girls Of The World

Video: Disney Campaign To Empower The Girls Of The World
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Mulan's bravery, Ariel's desire for adventure, Moana's determination … for decades the Disney princesses have made several generations of children from all over the world dream and today an initiative led by Unicef, Girl Up and Disney seeks to encourage girls and boys from all over the world to make their dreams come true through a fun photography project.

The result of the Dream Big Princess campaign is the work of a group of 19 photographers from 15 countries who are exhibiting at the United Nations headquarters in New York a series of images in which real girls are the true heroines. We spoke with Theresa Balderas, a Mexican photographer who was part of this select group of artists and told us about her emotional experience.

How does it feel to have been selected to participate in this project and what have you enjoyed the most?

TB Having been chosen by Disney to represent Mexico is an honor for me and being able to do a project that comes from my heart and inspires girls around the world is incredible. The most gratifying thing was that Disney only required us photographers to inspire girls, who appreciate my point of view as a photographer is very important. I enjoyed it very much.

The protagonist of your images is a girl named Patty, why did you choose her and what emotion did you want to transmit with your photos?

TB Patty seems like a real life princess to me […] She is eight years old, but I met her when she was younger, in an orphanage, and she always seemed to me an example of good attitude and positivism. It was important to me to portray a character who is making such a positive change around her.

How did you meet her?

I met her when she was 5 years old in the home that my family founded 8 years ago in Mexico and that is dedicated to children who were abused. When I went to Mexico I always try to get involved with the children and Patty always caught my attention because she is a very happy girl, very positive, she is a very positive leader in this group of children with difficult characters and life stories. When I had this project in hand, I was surprised that Patty had been adopted and it was an achievement as well.

Do not miss the exhibition from November 16 until January, the exhibition can be visited in the visitor lobby of the United Nations headquarters in New York. Consult schedules and details of security and access on the web visit.un.org.

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