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The Innovative Procedure To Lose Weight
The Innovative Procedure To Lose Weight

Video: The Innovative Procedure To Lose Weight

Video: The Innovative Procedure To Lose Weight
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Being overweight is a disease that affects a large number of women around the world and there are many methods that exist to obtain a better figure and, above all, to be healthier. Many choose to do drastic diets that can sometimes put their health at risk and others resort to plastic surgeries that do not always have good results. So when we found out about a new treatment that is revolutionizing the industry, we wanted to know all the details. We are talking about the Obalon Balloon System that promises to help you lose weight and maintain it by just taking a few pills. As simple as that? To get out of any doubt, we talked with Dr. Moses Shieh, a gastric surgeon from Florida, who clarified all the doubts about this new method.


How does Obalon work?

Patients take a small pill that is connected to a catheter that is about the size of a dental floss. That pill - which turns into a small balloon - is inflated with gas so that it floats comfortably in the upper abdomen. After the balloon is inflated, a simple movement removes the catheter and leaves the balloon.

What is the difference between gastric bypass and this procedure?

The Obalon Balloon System is a minimally invasive treatment. It is safer, is a ten minute process, requires no standing time and has very few side effects. Gastric Bypass is surgery in every sense of the word.

What are the pros and cons?

Pros: The treatment is carried out very safely in the doctor's office. Patients feel fuller faster, which helps them lose weight. Cons: The promised weight loss is 50 pounds and with the gastric bypass it is 100. Also this procedure is not covered by insurance.


Who is the perfect candidate to lose weight with this procedure?

It is perfect for people with obesity who have not been able to lose weight with any other method.

When do you start to see the results?

From the first week.

What makes Abalon different from other weight loss methods?

This does not require surgery. Most gastric balloons are filled with liquids, but Obalon is inflated with gas. This makes it lighter and has fewer side effects than its competitors.

Where is it available?

Throughout the United States. For more information you can enter Obalon.com.

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