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Eva Longoria And Andy García In A New Comedy

Eva Longoria And Andy García In A New Comedy
Eva Longoria And Andy García In A New Comedy

Video: Eva Longoria And Andy García In A New Comedy

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Actress Eva Longoria is reunited with Andy Garcia to play a powerful and dangerous couple in the new comedy series Flipped that will be seen on the Quibi mobile application.

"Andy drew me to the show. Everything Andy does, I have to do, "Longoria told People exclusively. "Andy and I do everything together, so we had to do this together," added the Desperate Housewives actress.

Eva Longoria and Andy Garcia
Eva Longoria and Andy Garcia

This time, they play a couple who run a Mexican cartel that kidnaps a couple of self-proclaimed experts in home renovation, husbands Jann and Cricket played by Will Forte and Kaitlin Olson, respectively.

"Everything you say about it will ultimately ruin any surprises there may be or any definition of what people can put into the characters," the actor told People.

Garcia, 63, and Longoria, 45, will make their first appearance next Friday. In addition to the desire to work together, the two admitted other reasons to join the ambitious project.

“I am a huge fan of Kaitlin Olson. I directed on The Mick [comedy], and she's just one of the best comedians on TV, "Longoria revealed." I just thought, OMG, I never had a chance to perform with her, so it was a fun opportunity for me. ".

"For me, it has to do with writing and the people involved," explains García. "It's always about the writing and the people involved: Kaitlin and Will and Eva, that was an easy thing to attract and stimulate."

The couple previously co-starred in the 2012 films A Dark Truth and For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada.

Quibi launched last Monday as the first entertainment platform designed specifically for the phone. Flipped is part of the series catalog with stories told in chapters of seven to 10 minutes long.

The two stars reveal that each has been consuming the content of the platform in their respective homes while practicing social distancing. They are excited about the new platform, which plans to release 175 original shows and 8,500 pieces of content in its first year.

“We already see many things on the phone; people tune in to a trailer or a news story or a talk show, "said Garcia." I have a feeling you are going to find a lot of people tuning into this service because of the quality of the shows. They are very well filmed, the production values ​​are very high and they are very entertaining."

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