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How I Find Nude Makeup In My Shade

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How I Find Nude Makeup In My Shade
How I Find Nude Makeup In My Shade

Video: How I Find Nude Makeup In My Shade

Video: How I Find Nude Makeup In My Shade

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We have recently seen that the diversity of models has become more present on the catwalks: models with different body types, skin tones and even hair textures. Now brands want to represent more women by expanding their nude tone offerings. For many years the word nude was like the equivalent of "one-size-fits-all", or you could choose a beige or similar brown shade. Options for dark skinned women really didn't exist until recently.

Brands like Mented Cosmetics are finally creating products with every skin tone in mind. Founders KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson spent years trying to find a nude lipstick to complement their skin color. With no luck, they started their own makeup company and have already perfected six lipstick shades for women of color.

Mented Cosmetics is not the only brand that is expanding the meaning of the word nude. There are shoe companies, nail polish lines, and lingerie brands that are making it clear that nudes shouldn't be made just for a group of women. For this reason, we have chosen our favorites to help you find the ideal option for you.

The Christian Louboutin shoe collection includes a spectrum of nudes

2. Nubian Skin has darker skinned lingerie, socks and shoes for women.

3. Sephora employees always recommend Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation because they have 40 shades.


4. Naja is an ecological company that has shorts and bras in a rainbow of nudes

5. Kahmune is a new shoe company offering ten nude options for every woman.

6. Zoya has taken over the nudes enamels with the Naturel 3 collection.

7. Mahogany Blues Dance Apparel leaves no one behind with its stocking options.

8. LA Girl Cosmetics concealers will always be among the favorites thanks to their 20 shades.

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