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What Happened To The Girl Fatima?

What Happened To The Girl Fatima?
What Happened To The Girl Fatima?

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Video: Faisalabad Girl Murder Case nearby Aziz Fatima Hospital Complete Story | Good News TV 2023, January

The appearance of the little body of Fatima stirred the bowels of half the world today. The seven-year-old girl was kidnapped in Mexico after leaving her school in Xochimilco and was found dead in the Los Reyes neighborhood. Many people in the networks debated the femicides that plague the country asking for justice under the hashtag # JusticiaparaFátima.

According to the Excelsior newspaper, her mother, María Magdalena Antón Fernández, also demanded justice for her daughter at the INCIFO facilities and asserted that: "Today it was my daughter, tomorrow it may be yours."


The Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, declared that: "We are with the victims, justice is going to be done" and confirmed that those responsible for the disappearance and murder of little Fatima will be sought.

Celebrities like Jesse and Joy also echoed this heartbreaking tragedy with this image from the talented Mexican-Venezuelan illustrator @CamdelaFu

  • This is how the singers expressed themselves, part of the general outrage that invaded the networks: “In Mexico, on average, 10 femicides occur a day, that is, every two and a half hours a woman is murdered in our country. If the government cared for us as it cares for the monuments so that they are not painted by the women who protest against these numbers, there would be no femicides here. A few days ago we were outraged by the news of Ingrid, today we are hit hard by the news of Fatima, a girl of only 7 years old!
  • # JusticiaParaFátima # JusticiaParaIngrid # JusticiaParaTODAS We do not wish anyone badly, we want a safe country for everyone, but in Mexico women are being killed just for being women. That's why we say #JusticiaParaTODAS and #NiUnaMenos.
  • Thank you @camdelafu for putting in an image what we are experiencing today”.

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