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Kansas City Club Shooting

Kansas City Club Shooting
Kansas City Club Shooting

Video: Kansas City Club Shooting

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Video: Kansas City club shooting: two dead, more than a dozen injured 2023, January

Around 11:30 p.m. last Sunday, January 19, a man opened fire on a group of people waiting in line to enter a bar, leaving two dead and 15 wounded, three of them in critical condition, according to Kansas City Police reports.

The incident occurred at the exit of the 9ine Ultra Lounge nightclub, located on Noland Rd., Where, as reported by the city Police Department through his Twitter account, a member of the business security team that was armed he faced the shooter outside the establishment.

"We believe the shooter is the deceased adult male," says the Police department's tweet. “The circumstances that led to this shooting are unknown. Detectives and crime scene investigators will collect evidence and speak to witnesses to gather more information to see what led to this shooting.”

According to local media reports, all the wounded were taken to area hospitals and at least three of them are in critical condition. The identities of the victims and the shooter have not yet been revealed and more information is expected at a press conference that will take place in a few hours and will be broadcast on social networks.

The tragedy happens amid a festive atmosphere for football fans who celebrate that their team, the Kansas City Chiefs, have qualified for the Super Bowl final, after 50 years, after beating the Tennessee Titans 35- 24 on Sunday.

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