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Woman Sues Church Over Confession

Woman Sues Church Over Confession
Woman Sues Church Over Confession

Video: Woman Sues Church Over Confession

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Video: Woman Sues Mormon Church For Reporting Her Husband's Sexual Abuse Confession | TIME 2023, January

There are many demands and for situations of the most varied. The most recent comes from the hands of a woman who has denounced the church for making a confession public under the oath of God.

Her husband confessed to the clergy that he had sexually abused a girl, a truly serious case that the institution decided to bring to court immediately because of the seriousness of the matter.

Kristine Johnson, originally from Oregon, put in her lawsuit that her husband recounted his 'sin' as required by Church law and that the Church did not abide by these standards of maintaining the secrecy of confession.

According to the applicant, neither she nor her husband were warned at the time of the disclosure that this information would be brought to the police. She assures that they never thought that her confession would be made public.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Saints maintains its position and ensures, as CNN collects, that its function is to protect victims above all else.

The state of Oregon is one of the 28 that considers church members obliged by law to report all kinds of information that goes against dignity or represents a crime for people, as in this case.

The lawsuit is already in the hands of justice regarding this event that took place in 2016. Currently, the husband, Timothy Samuel Johnson, is serving a sentence in the Pendleton prison, in the state where the events took place.

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