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What Type Of Woman Does Roberto Tapia Want?

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What Type Of Woman Does Roberto Tapia Want?
What Type Of Woman Does Roberto Tapia Want?

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Roberto Tapia opened 2020 by facing his fears and asking for prayers for his mother to get ahead after suffering a stroke, but what about love?

Where did you go wrong

Well, in many things, for example in employing people that I should not have included in my team. Some concerts I gave and they were not the right places to take my music. Endless things, but good things came. When you live something you didn't like and then something good comes along, you say, it's ok, thank God.

What does the ideal woman have for you?

I love the decency of a woman, I fall in love. That seems to me something that today is being lost a lot. I do not know if it is right or wrong to say it, but things are. That drives me crazy, that a woman is decent, I love it. The physicist can not choose someone because I have fallen in love many times and all my partners have been physically different, then really in the physical … I do not mean that it is superfluous, because obviously I have to like it, but if it is a decent woman, there is not every day and that must be valued and cared for.

Roberto Tapia
Roberto Tapia

Who do you admire in the world of music?

I admire many like Juan Gabriel, Joan Sebastián, José José, there is a lot of new music and I really like Los Tigres del Norte, Julión Álvarez is a great artist, Pancho Barraza that we will be a duet, there is a lot of talent.

Roberto Tapia
Roberto Tapia

What is the most difficult thing you have faced in life?

The most difficult thing in my career so far has been to be away from my family in important moments and the most satisfying moments have been many, being in La voz kids, when I am in the palenque of my Culiacán land. That marks me, they are things that I love or loved to live.

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