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Celia Lora Does Not Want A Gay Son

Celia Lora Does Not Want A Gay Son
Celia Lora Does Not Want A Gay Son

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Celia Lora does not cease to surprise with her acts and comments. The controversial daughter of legendary Mexican rocker Alex Lora, once again grabs attention, this time for her comments on the LGBT community.

During an interview granted to the digital program "Behind the scenes", the model expressed openly and carefully that she would not like to have a homosexual son.

After being challenged to get rid of her bra and agree to it, the show's host offered a photograph of what she called "an artistic nude," to a young man who was apparently walking with his parents. After the boy's refusal to take the photo with Celia, she expressed her disappointment.

"It would make me sad … my son was p … o. What horror, how sad. Pi…..and sea….con”, he said.

This is not the first time that the Playboy model has drawn attention for her irreverent statements and her lack of modesty. Earlier last month, during a live post, Celia regretfully expressed her desire to have sex.

Among his controversial comments is his request to a friend to assassinate the current President of Mexico, Manuel López Obrador, something that did not go down well with the father of the pornographic actress.

“We, my wife Chela and I, cannot and do not have the size to judge other people, much less our first president. In advance an apology to all those who did not like [what Celia said],”said the leader of El Tri.

On the other hand, the singer surprised the press and fans after showing his support for his daughter in her new career in adult cinema.

“For us it is a pride as everyone is attentive and pending what he says, what he does, his career. We are pleased that the race supports it and has many followers, "the interpreter told the press in May.

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