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Arrested For Harassment At Disney

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Arrested For Harassment At Disney
Arrested For Harassment At Disney

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Video: Disney employees among 17 arrested in undercover child predator sting 2023, February

Brian Sherman, a 51-year-old married man registered in the state of Florida as a sex offender, was detained by authorities at the Disney amusement park in Orlando, on charges of fingering an actress characterized as the princess " Ariel " while posing with him in a photo.

The events occurred this Saturday in the Magic Kingdom section of the park when the subject and his wife approached the actress to pose in a photo. The victim told authorities that Sherman was "very excited" and that he kept repeating that she was his "favorite" character.

Arrested for harassment at Disney, the woman agreed to have her photo taken and placed herself in the middle of the couple. Sherman then put his arm around her and started to lower her body until finally reaching with his hand for the woman's bra to grab it under the breast, according to the Orange County sheriff's office.

The actress's companions noticed her discomfort and that something was happening. She tried to wriggle out of the harassment by suggesting they pose differently, but the guy continued until he held onto his victim's "tight clothes" with two fingers, like a clothespin.

The incident lasted a few seconds, explains CNN, even so, a photographer made a challenge to be able to identify the guy before the authorities of the package and be able to capture him.

When Sherman left, the woman burst into tears and trembled at the humiliation. His arrest occurred five hours later and he was booked into an Orange County police station, where he was subsequently released.

Brian Sherman, upon arrest:

Actors abound in the park characterized as characters from Disney animated films, such as this couple from Beauty and The Beast:

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According to CNN Sherman is a registered sex offender in the state of Florida who in 1991 was found guilty of sexual assault against a 12-year-old minor.

"Everyone should feel safe in the workplace and we invite all of our cast to report any type of situation that makes them feel uncomfortable," a Walt Disney Co. spokesperson firmly told NBC.

The victim assures that he plans to testify so that the culprit is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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