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Mary Matthews Ohio Woman Bitten By Great Dane Dogs

Mary Matthews Ohio Woman Bitten By Great Dane Dogs
Mary Matthews Ohio Woman Bitten By Great Dane Dogs

Video: Mary Matthews Ohio Woman Bitten By Great Dane Dogs

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Video: A woman found dead in Ohio was killed by her own Great Danes, police say 2023, January

The nibbled and bled body of a 49-year-old woman was found in her Ohio home after her pets attacked her.

Mary Matthews, a resident of Clearcreek Township, about 40 miles from Cincinatti, was found dead on Friday. According to John Terrill, the local police chief, the woman had multiple injuries and the official cause of death has been classified as "dog attack".

Mark Matthews, the victim's husband, who had been in jail since Wednesday, came to his home to find his wife in the house where there was blood everywhere, according to WLTW-5, an NBC affiliate, in Cincinatti.

Matthews called the police, and when detectives arrived at the scene they found two "large, but thin" dogs of the Great Dane breed in a closed courtyard of the house.

Her husband assured that the dogs had been picked up two years ago but that one of them had become aggressive and that he wanted to get rid of the dog, but that his wife did not allow it. "She loved animals," he assured the chain.

Mary Matthews
Mary Matthews

Preliminary investigations would show that the woman managed to get the dogs out into the yard but did not realize the severity of their injuries and bled to death. Proof of this would be the bloody towels that were found in the house indicating that she tried to clean the place still conscious and that later she even changed her clothes.

The key here is that Matthews suffered from chronic alcoholism and was taking various medications. "Because of this story, it is believed that [Matthews] would not be in a lucid state of mind to judge the seriousness of his situation and therefore was unable to ask for help," the police report detailed.

WLTW-5 confirmed that the dogs were collected and that they were euthanized.

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