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Wife Nacho Clarifies Personal Situation With Singer

Wife Nacho Clarifies Personal Situation With Singer
Wife Nacho Clarifies Personal Situation With Singer

Video: Wife Nacho Clarifies Personal Situation With Singer

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Their separation is one of the news of the moment, that's why everything that Nacho and Inger Mendoza do is reason enough to be in the limelight. Tired of this situation, the singer's former wife has come out in self-defense after publishing what she considers to be full-blown gossip.

This week the happy mom shared the photos of her new house already renovated and furnished. A post that she considered harmless and that she never thought was going to cause such a stir. After announcing that they had both taken different paths, these images were interpreted as being about her new maiden house.

Her smaller size made many believe that she had been taken out of the big house. But nothing to see, and so he wanted to clarify it in a forceful message where he ensures that this house is where the five live.

"When I uploaded them, many assumed that I had gone somewhere else, or worse, that they had taken me out of the big house," she said very offended. “The house where I live is the same house where we ALL live until recently. We ALL moved to this new place. Nobody “took me” out of any house, we ALL moved together and we ALL lived together for a while here and here we continue to share as a family when we have the opportunity”.

With the cards on the table and everything cleared up, Inger hopes that people understand that in their separation there is neither a bad mood nor the junk to be thrown at their heads. Their three children in common are above anything, in addition to the love and respect so great that the couple will always profess.

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