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Sharon Stone Posts Photo In Panties

Sharon Stone Posts Photo In Panties
Sharon Stone Posts Photo In Panties

Video: Sharon Stone Posts Photo In Panties

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Sharon Stone has made her mark in Hollywood for her great beauty and sensuality. Tapes like Basic Instinct 1 and 2 and Casino have immortalized her beautiful face and famous legs.

And now the lady has just shown through networks that although she has already turned 61, her appearance remains just as spectacular despite the passing of the years. And the lady has proved the point posing in panties, no more and no less.

The stunning snapshot came out this Wednesday, and Stone, the mother of three, is laid out relaxed and sexy on a balcony in lace panties and a matching black turtleneck sweater.

The retata was taken by the photographer Emma Summerton and belongs to a session that Stone made for Allure magazine.

The star stands out for her skin and her figure worthy of a 20-year-old girl. As she explained, to achieve this she has a healthy diet; Nor do you mistakenly test junk food or products with preservatives, additives, or chemicals. She drinks a lot of water and does pilates, as she revealed at the time to The New York Times.

"I don't eat processed food. I don't drink caffeine and I rarely drink soda or alcohol. But like red meat and dark chocolate, "she explained to the publication in 2018." I sweeten my tea if I want. They are celiac so I don't eat gluten. For the rest, like any other person, whatever I want. " What envy!

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