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Nuria Eco Cosmetic Brand

Nuria Eco Cosmetic Brand
Nuria Eco Cosmetic Brand

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If on your visits to the pharmacy or Sephora you are always looking for more natural cosmetics, without parabens, sulfates or with the least possible ingredients, you have to know Nuria, a new brand of clean skincare in which each product is inspired in one part of the world, its traditions and local ingredients.

In the form of cleansers, masks, tonics, serums and creams, and always with the goal of natural glow, the brand proposes three different collections to adapt to changes in your skin with the change of seasons and the passage of time, a trend that is definitely on the rise in beauty.

We spoke with Jasmine Figueroa, the brand's main scientist, who visited our offices to give us all the details of her brand's formulas and about natural cosmetics. As she explains, all the products in the line are always vegan, they do not test on animals and take into account where they have been made and with what materials, among other things.

In addition, the brand donates a percentage of each sale to the She's First Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on fighting for gender equality through education. “When women have an education, families get ahead, communities are strengthened and the economy grows. When a girl graduates from high school, she has a better chance of having fewer and healthier children, delaying marriage and earning 20 percent more for each year she works,”they explain from the brand's website. "It is also one of the ways to fight climate change," they add, referring to the Project Drawdown project proposed by activist Paul Hawken.

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