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Sara Sosa Auditioned Unsuccessfully At La Voz México

Sara Sosa Auditioned Unsuccessfully At La Voz México
Sara Sosa Auditioned Unsuccessfully At La Voz México

Video: Sara Sosa Auditioned Unsuccessfully At La Voz México

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Video: Umbrella. | Se enciende el escenario de La Voz con Carlos Feral. | La Voz 2023, February

Just hours after José José's death, his youngest daughter Sara Sosa assured that the Prince of Song's last wish was for him to launch a solo career. Such a statement generated not only the amazement of his half brothers, José Joel and Marysol, but the criticism of fans of the interpreter who mourned the death of his idol.

Although it is not known if Sarita, as she is affectionately called, is going to fulfill her father's wish, she has tried through the years.

The Mexican press has recalled these days that Sarita auditioned around five years ago in the fourth season of the La Voz México contest in front of the demanding jury composed at the time by Ricky Martin, Laura Pausini, Yuri and Julión Alvarez.

The young woman failed to impress the judges, who denied her entry to the popular show.

Months later, Sara shared a video on her YouTube account a cappella interpreting the song Deliver Us, from the film The Prince of Egypt.

The video has around 165,000 views, which since the death of José José has accumulated dozens of negative comments by netizens that do not augur success as a singer.

For a long time, Sarita has expressed his taste for music and in June he assured that for years he has sung in different churches.

"For many years I have been singing in churches, but I have never shared anything," he wrote along with a video on his Instagram account.

Last year, he took advantage of his visit to the Suelta la sopa program (Telemundo) with his brothers to demonstrate his talent performing “El triste”, a song that catapulted his father to fame.

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