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Camila Cabello Made The Permanent

Camila Cabello Made The Permanent
Camila Cabello Made The Permanent

Video: Camila Cabello Made The Permanent

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Video: Camila Cabello - Made in Miami (Artist Spotlight Story) 2023, January

When it comes to hair, women pay much more attention. And it is that for Latinas having healthy and shiny hair has always been something very important. Of course, when it comes to a trend we want to try them all, even if it means that our hair is going to be mistreated a little. That need to always be changing to look fresh and modern is much more intense among celebrities. Therefore, many do not think twice about changing the color or cutting it as Jennifer López and Clarissa Molina recently did. But what did leave us very surprised is the process that Camila Cabello did in her hair, one that very few dare to do today.

It turns out that the young woman, who has enviable hair that even led her to be the image of one of L'Oreal's hair products, confessed that contrary to what many believe, her curls are not natural. We can't believe it!

In an interview with Refinery29, the singer confessed that her fabulous curls, those that look supernatural, are not the product of a curling iron or any special product, but of a permanent one. Yes, just as you listen to it. This treatment became very popular in the 80s and through which curls can be obtained that can last up to six months without the need to use specific tools or products.

"I did the permanent and I have never felt more sure of myself", confessed the artist. "The truth is that I have straight hair, but I've always wanted to have curls."

The reality is that curly hair is at its best and there are many girls who are showing their hair naturally or those who do not have curl, they are opting for this process that for about six months can offer you the best curls without much effort. Would you do it

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