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Yankees Star Accused Of Domestic Violence

Yankees Star Accused Of Domestic Violence
Yankees Star Accused Of Domestic Violence

Video: Yankees Star Accused Of Domestic Violence

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Video: Ex-wife of Cubs star shares her domestic violence experience 2023, February

Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán, one of the stars of the New York team, will not play more for the remainder of the season while investigating allegations that he mistreated the mother of his two children last Monday, the ESPN network reported.

The 27-year-old Dominican was being one of the most prominent players in the Yankees' rooster this season, in which the Bronx team has managed to clinch the top spot in the American League's eastern division and are shot into the postseason after years of poor results.

Although there is no police report or formal complaint to the authorities, sources told the New York Post that Germán allegedly mistreated his girlfriend, Mara Vega, last Monday, the same day that the team held a party in honor of the pitcher. CC Sabathia, who is retiring this year.

According to various media, it is unclear whether the incident occurred before or after the event. In images taken at the party the couple is seen smiling and hugging.

MLB league executives learned of the allegations Monday and opened an investigation, which in the first instance found sufficient evidence to heed the complaint. According to The New York Times, the people in charge of the league found out the happened ones by a person to whom Vega would have told it.

"I found out about some of the rumors and so on, but this is an investigation by Major League Baseball," Yankees coach Aaron Boone said Thursday.

The team has placed the pitcher on administrative leave while the league investigation is ongoing and said in a statement that he supports MLB's policy against domestic violence.

After debuting as a rookie in 2017, Germán was having a good year from the mound and had become one of the members of the team he was trusted to advance in this postseason. The player, who earns a salary of about $ 577,000, will be removed from the team while on administrative leave.

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