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New York Man Crushed By Elevator Dies

New York Man Crushed By Elevator Dies
New York Man Crushed By Elevator Dies

Video: New York Man Crushed By Elevator Dies

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Man killed in freak elevator accident in NYC 2023, January

Young Samuel Charles Waisbren never imagined that something as simple as taking the elevator out of his house would cost him his life.

The 30-year-old man died Thursday morning when the elevator of the apartment building where he lived in New York City surprisingly collapsed as he left, according to local media.

Waisbren was the third person to get out of the elevator arriving at the lobby at about 8:30 am Thursday when the cabin doors suddenly closed and he started descending to the basement. The victim was trapped between the elevator and the wall and her death was certified in the same place of the events.

At the same time, firefighters had to rescue other people who were trapped in the collapsed elevator and witnessed the tragic event in horror.

The father of the victim, Charles Waisbren, who lives in Wisconsin, said in statements collected by various media that the elevators of the building located in the Kips Bay neighborhood in Manhattan, "were always broken."

One of the residents of the building seconded the comment, assuring that mounting the elevator was a “terrifying” process and that it reminded him of a Halloween game. "They always jump between floors," said the resident to the local branch of the ABC chain. "They are really wrong."

According to the chain, the city's Department of Buildings fined the building known as the Manhattan Promenade last May because it found that a piece of one of the two elevators in the 22-story building had been tampered with and determined that it could not be operated.


Two months later a work permit would have been issued to the building to fix the wiring for both elevators.

According to authorities, he is investigating the incident and will take the necessary steps to find out what happened.

The victim's father said he was heartbroken. "He can not be a dad, have a family and live the life that we all expected for him," he lamented.

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